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My name is Curran Jensen and I'm a freelance web developer from Nova Scotia, Canada.

I specialize in backend development in PHP using the Laravel Framework, however I also know enough about frontend to consider myself a full-stack developer :)

I am familiar with the following tech:

  • HTML 5
  • Modern JavaScript (Vue.js)
  • CSS (TailwindCSS)
  • MySQL
  • PHP 8.1 (Laravel)
  • TALL stack (Livewire and Alpine.js)
  • Testing (PHPUnit)
  • Source code control (Git)
  • Web hosting and application deployment (Digital Ocean, Laravel Forge/Envoyer)

I am always learning new things.

Please contact me if there is anything I can help you with!

Connect with me on Twitter: @curranjensen

From the blog

First Blog Post! - Jun 17, 2022

What do you say for a first post on a new website other than ... welcome! So excited to make my first post to introduce you to my new website where I highlight some parts of my portfolio while telling you about myself. I will post content about web application development using the Laravel framework... continue reading

From the portfolio


A view of the homepage

RentGorilla is my first production Laravel application. A collaboration between Highland Multimedia and myself, it offers visitors great access to the local rental market and enables clients to showcase their rental properties. RentGorilla offers some nice features such as map search, property ph... continue reading

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